An undergraduate’s FAQ

Each admission season we get hundreds of questions from our prospective students and applicants… On this page we’ve tried to compile a list of the most frequently asked ones.

Q: Does your School of Professional Studies accept application fee waivers (example gratis, NACAC)?

A: We do, but it works a bit of another way round… Firstly, applicants must file the required application fee at the time of submission, which will be then compensated to them in accordance with their fee waiver’s type…

Q: If I went to more than one high school will I be required to file my transcript from each of those?

A: No, you’ll need to submit just that high school transcript, which is stating conferral of diploma and is of a graduation date.

Q: Is a GED Score Report enough to meet the high school graduation requirement or would I also be required to request my overall high school transcripts?

A: While this is not mandatory, it’s generally recommended that applicants submitting a GED Score Report also file an official high school transcript, in case they have attended a secondary education institution.

Q: How can I get on the appointment with your undergraduate adviser?

A: You can quickly book an appointment for a personal or phone admission advising session by contacting either of our offices at 555.391.5612. Advising by email is available for short questions…

Q: What are the LU's academic advising hours?

A: Usually we accommodate appointments on a Monday through Friday basis. Regular hours for such advisory appointments are between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays. This is available on all of our campuses.

Q: Does the School of Professional Studies offer career guidance and future careers advising?

A: Prospective SPS degree applicants and certificate students are urged to discuss their future career goals with their respective academic advisors. SPS academic advisers are always there in order to be of help with job search strategies, resume planning, and providing program-tailored career tips and insights.

The Longriver University’s Career Advancement (LUCA) is an extensive career services office located on the Evanston campus that provides a vast range of advising, programming and resources to all Longriver University’s degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. Recent alumni are granted with an easy access to LUCA for six months post-graduation.

Q: Can I take a class pass /no pass?

A: Yes, the degree-craving students in SPS who carry an average mark of 3.0 grade point can request to take a course with a pass/no pass option. Such an additional course must not intersect with the student’s major or minor area of concentration. A minimum number  of 9 courses must be completed prior to requesting a pass/no pass option. A maximum of four classes taken pass/no pass is allowed in a student’s entire academic career at SPS.

Q: Do I need a certain GPA in order to graduate?

A: Yes. You must earn a 2.0 in your major, minor and overall GPA in order to graduate from the Longriver University…